Roasted Pepper & Feta Dip

Did You Know? Habanero peppers are 30-50 times hotter than Jalapeno peppers!

We still had some lingering jalepeno peppers in our garden, so after a few days of staring at them, I decided to put them to use. After scanning some of my favorite sites for some dinner inspiration, I landed on this Greek feta dip over at Closet Cooking. I had made this dip before with excellent results, served at room temperature slathered on some homemade chickpea burgers. The combination of sweet sundried tomatoes with the salty feta cheese is so smooth and satisfying. The heat from the jalapenos rounds out this fabulous spread. Even if you don't make this dip (but you really should), make sure you check out Kevin's blog over at Closet Cooking. His unique recipes have made weekly appearances on my family's dinner table time and time again.

Roasted Pepper & Feta Dip
1 Roasted red pepper
2 Roasted jalapeno peppers
4 Ounces feta cheese
2 Green onions
2 Sundried tomatoes (soaked in oil)
1 Garlic clove
Juice of 1 lemon

Puree everything in a food processor. Enjoy as a dip with pita chips, as a spread on sandwiches or burgers, or by the spoonful...doesn't get much easier than that!


  1. This is just my kind of dip! I will have to try this sooner than later. Kevin's recipes never disappoint.

  2. If you're a fan of Kevin's, you'll love this dip. My mom asks me to make it for her probably every other week as a spread for her sandwiches.

  3. Two of my favorite ingrediants!!!

    I love you site!



  4. Thanks Lisa! I'm on my way over to your site as we speak...


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