Á La Mode

Although we most frequently use the term á la mode to get ourselves a side of ice cream, when I first watched the movie Little Miss Sunshine, Steve Carell's character shared it's original meaning..."á la mode" in French translates literally as "in the fashion." I loved that. I also love all things fashion. I know we've started as a food blog here on Buff Chickpea, but I really don't like such set-in-stone restrictions, so let's talk fashion. Maybe tomorrow we can chat about my favorite beauty and skin care products. As long as I have this tiny space inside this enormous cyber-world, I'd really just like to share whatever I'm into á la moment.

Any reference to Mean Girls kills me

I just snagged this gorgeous Red Valentino jacket on clearance at TJ Maxx. I had to. 

Told ya.

Blair Eadie via Instagram wearing this super cute Suno dress

 Grace Coddington. I also  "The September Issue." If you consider yourself a lover of all things wearable, and haven't seen this Vogue documentary, check it out. 

I need to recreate these cropped tee's I saw on the Glamour Mag Instagram. Brunettes for the win!

I love a high-waisted bikini, and recently bought one myself, but does anyone else feel like they need to be vacationing in Europe to get away with it? I guess it won't be the first time my fashion choices stand out. Although I really just wish I was on my way back to Rome (more about that later). 

Acid wash is everything. So are the girls from Target Does It Again. I think we could be great friends. If you adore Target as much as I do, check them out. I bought the dress on the left (at Target of course!), hoping to make it look a little more like the dress on the right. Who knows when that will happen. Any excuse to buy something, right?  

Nicole Richie at the 2013 CFDA Awards killed it in Marc Jacobs. I want to wear designer gowns!



  1. We need to make those cropped tee's!!!

    1. I know! I LOVE them! Let's do it! I need more crafting posts. Bloggers unite!


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